Saturday, January 19, 2008

So yesterday I went to the hairdresser and just told my stylist to go crazy.
I now have asymmetrical hair, which suits me just fine.

Then I went home and proceeded to create what I like to call 'Crab-Hands' for our friend Joss' flatwarming gift. You see, Joss has an obsession with Dr. Zoidberg from the television show Futurama.

I mean, who doesn't?!

And she is having somewhat of a party tonight.
Which means I will be getting drunk. Which means I will probably end up stealing the Crab-Hands back like a spoilt child and running around Crabbing people's noses.
I still need to make the right-hand claw, and finish them off a little, but once finished I think I should probably make a pair for myself.

[ crabbin' crabbin' crabbin'! ]


Sarah-Rose & Craig said...

The lobster hands are amazing!!
nd your hair is very cool. I call that a backwards mullet ;)

I don't know if you get notified when I reply to your comments on my site but I let you know that my necklace was from and it's by Misery but through an aussie (I think) brand called Nook Art. Rock.

gilda said...

omg!!! i want those lobster hands so much!!! hahaha!!