Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Faces in the Rocks

I don't even believe that I will have enough, or the right, words to describe this sound.
You might just have to trust me and have a listen yourself. Check out the myspace for a delicious taste tester -

If you only have time left to sit and listen to one beautiful album this year, I recommend that "Faces in the Rocks" by Mariee Sioux should be that One.

I stumbled across Mariee's Myspace webpage after reading about Alela Diane, and following links through to discover that the two were actually childhood friends.
It seems Nevada City's an amazing place for soul-wrenching music, I am starting to seriously consider moving there!

'Buried In Teeth' is a melodic finger-picking guitar song, Mariee's cooing voice double-tracked over top. One of my favourites.

"down past the stomachs filled with berries, swallowed down into the gut of centuries"

Her songs make me feel as though I should be living in a commune somewhere in the '70s, surrounded only by guitars and trees... they truly bring a sense of peace to my heart.
Mariee weaves soft threads of words into a strong tapestry of imagery, and the lyrics give a sense that she is an amazingly spiritual person, deeply in touch with the Universe and focused in her personal creative expression of this.

If Mariee isn't quite your cup of tea, consider checking out Alela Diane.

Her song "The Rifle" on her myspace is absolutely beautiful and so sad, I have listened to it three times in a row thus far.

I read somewhere that her most recent album was named Album of 2007 by a few blogs.
Sorry, I really can't find where I read that!

If there's any artists you're going mad for at the moment, let us know!

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