Sunday, April 20, 2008

the ultimate house

iCiNG mission this week was to write about our dream house...but i've had plenty of time to think about this one!

my DREAM house would be big, surrounded by trees & plants and have lots of room for friends & family to stay.
the kitchen would be HUGE with a bench in the middle, clever storage for everything, a water-recycling dishwasher!! great knives & useful contraptions so everyone could cook at once!
the kitchen sink would be those gorgeous HUGE chef sinks, & overlooking (& draining onto) my vege/herb garden; and a chicken coop.

i would have stereo’s in every room, including the toilet! & the whole place would be as eco-friendly as possible. I would capture my own water, & have tonnes of solar panels to get power.
not sure how viable this is though, due to having like a billion steros in each room?!Hmm...

every room would have a sunroof thingy, & lots of light can be let into every part of the house whenever we like. all the rooms would be soundproofed.

i would have a loft/attic room with a stained glass window (that I made!), a spare bed, full of fun toys & safe craft materials for my future children :)
the Lounge would be full of comfy old but refurnished armchairs & have no television, & a huge collection of books published by amazing people like Deepak Chopra, Sark, myself, and art by my current & future friends.
The house would be open plan with the kitchen/dining area (lots of table/chair space!) & there’d be a drumset & guitars & violins & tambourines – all sorts of instruments so friends can play along.

i would have a spare room for watching dvd’s/VHS on a white wall where pictures are projected. this room is FULL of mattresses, cushions, blankets, duvets, anything comfy to prop up on for viewing pleasure.

the toilet would be a gorgeous blue colour instead of boring white, have a claw-foot bath, i would paint murals on the walls & have tonnes of fluffy towels & Lush products stashed in the cupboards. There is frosted glass in the window next to the bath, so when you bathe you can hear the sounds of the birds & see the outlines of trees.

for some reason i really like doing laundry …in big laundry rooms… i think every female secretly has a chore she quite likes (my friend at work loves dishes!) so the laundry would be LARGE with a laundry chute pointing down from upstairs & be next to the sunroom so we can sun-dry our clothes. it’d have a lovely old washing machine & lots of wicker basket drawers beneath the bench for sorting.
the stairs would have a slide next to them, & a treehouse out in the backyard's biggest tree.

outside, (past the deck with a wooden love-seat & barbeque area) past the trampoline IN the ground & along a small secret winding path through the trees is a clearing.
A bath sits propped up in the clearing & we can light a fire underneath to heat the water, & bathe beneath the stars.

my kid’s rooms would be created by me, we would build them bunkbeds that look like castles or pirate ships & I would paint dinosaurs, butterflies & birds on the walls.

the master bedroom would be large but cosy, with an ensuite & a triple-king sized bed for ample cuddling space. It would be filled with things we love, art & crafts by friends & family and have a large mirrored wardrobe for storing stuff out of sight.
i think it was in that movie about greek God Odysseus? where his bed has a tree right next to it, upstairs like some crazy real awesome castle treehouse!
now that would be ideal, but I can imagine Autumn. Maybe get kind of annoying don't you think!?

i remember years ago in school I drew & planned out my Ultimate House while I was meant to be studying Social Studies & Classics... that's probably why I don't have my Greek-God-Facts quite straight!
have you guys ever thought about this?!

x Tasj

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